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The appeal process to challenge or contest your denial is completely different than the application process. In fact, when you file your appeal with the EDD you are literally telling them to send your entire case over to a different California state agency to review their decision.  This agency is called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB). 


Once the CUIAB receives your case, they will send you a Notice of Hearing for an actual live in-person hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  At the hearing, both the employee and employer are typically required to provide sworn testimony for the record under oath.  Both parties are entitled to present testimony from witnesses and both parties are also permitted to introduce documentary evidence into the record during the hearing.


We represent our appeal clients on a contingency fee which means that we charge you a small flat fee if and only if we reverse your denial for benefits.  Many attorneys charge a flat free up front and keep your money regardless of the results in the case.  We believe that this is quite unfair as we understand that you are going through a difficult financial situation. 


Each claimant is generally entitled to only one appeal hearing so detailed and diligent preparation is paramount to your potential success. Our unemplyment attorney at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor believes that employees are wronged far too often. This is why we fight for you endlessly until we resolve your case.  At our office, we can show you real proven results from past clients whose benefits were also wrongfully denied by the EDD.  You are not alone, but the decision you make about whether or not to seek representation can make a profound impact on your case.


When you sign up for legal services with our firm for an unemployment insurance appeal or a disability benefits denial, you will be spending time speaking directly with our unemployment attorney.   For each and every hearing we take, we provide in-person representation at your appeal hearing if you reside in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, or the Inland Empire.  If you reside in Central California or Northern California, we provide services for unemployment appeals via telephone.  


It is best to contact our office once you have received a Notice of Determination from the EDD which states that your benefits have been denied.  Enclosed with your Notice of Determination will be an appeal form which must be sent back to the EDD within 30 days of the date listed on your Notice of Determination.  If more than 30 days have passed or you have already sent in your appeal form, it is best that you contact us for some immediate feedback about your case.


If you have already attended an in-person appeal hearing at a CUIAB office location and your benefits are still being denied, you should seek the advice of an attorney that can help you with a level 2 board appeal.  Please keep in mind that our office provides services exclusively for the in-person level 1 appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.      


We encourage you to contact our firm as soon as possible to receive some preliminary initial guidance about your case.  Ask us about our process and how it works.  Remember that we will handle your case from intake through the actual hearing representation so that you will have little to worry about.  

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