Anaheim Workers' Compensation

Our Anaheim workers’ compensation attorney represents workers who get injured while on the job. Dealing with work injuries can be complex and there are numerous requirements that you must follow as an employee in order to receive your workers’ compensation.


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Workers’ compensation is a structured system designed to provide compensation to employees who incur on the job injuries. However, in order to be properly and fully compensated for your injuries, there are procedures that must be followed in order to protect your claim.


The single most import factor is that you must report your injury as soon as it occurs. A common mistake occurs when injured workers wait too long to report their injuries to their employers. As an employee, you are expected to report your injury immediately. Otherwise, the insurance company representing your employer can allege that during the delay in reporting the injury, the injury was worsened and due to your negligence in failing to report the injury, you should not be entitled to full compensation.


At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our Anaheim, California workers’ compensation lawyer has extensive experience representing workers dealing with problems in the workplace. Our firm works directly with our clients to ensure that they receive the best possible care.


Dealing with insurance companies is often a tedious task and without an experienced representative working on your behalf, you will be forced to negotiate directly with the claims adjuster from the insurance company which is representing your employer. This often becomes problematic for people as it will likely become increasingly difficult to get in touch with the claims adjuster to have your questions answered.


If you receive an injury, as an employee you are entitled to receive immediate medical treatment for your injuries. The type of medical treatment you will receive depends upon the nature and extent of your injuries. There are numerous injuries which can give rise to a claim for workers’ compensation, ranging from stress to multiple surgeries for broken limbs.


You should contact our workers’ compensation attorney in Anaheim as soon as you are injured, and we will provide you with helpful advice about how to proceed with reporting your claim.


Regardless of the type of injury, again it is crucial to report your injury to your employer right away. Upon reporting your injury, your employer is required by law to provide you with documentation to fill out and submit which is then forwarded to the employer’s insurance carrier.


One of the most common questions we receive regarding workers’ comp is whether you can actually be fired or lose your job for filing a workers’ compensation claim. It is generally considered unlawful for an employer to end your employment because you incur a work injury and file a claim for workers’ compensation. You should not delay reporting your injury because you are worried about losing your job.


We recommend that you contact our firm for advice and representation for your workers’ compensation case as soon as you are injured.




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