Huntington Beach Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from your job is never easy.  Often times, the reason for which your employer provided you for your termination, if they provided one at all, may not be the reason that you personally feel you were terminated for.  In other words, in many cases people feel as though they were really terminated for a reason that is completely different than the reason they were provided by their former employer.


Our Huntington Beach wrongful termination lawyer will analyze the facts of your case determine whether you may have a case for wrongful termination.


We don’t charge our termination clients any legal fees.  Considering you just lost your job, the last thing you should do is go and spend all your money on attorney’s fees.  Instead, we take our cases on a contingency basis which means we only charge fees when we win your case.


Everyone has a different set of facts and a different story about their employment history and how they ended up being discharged.  If you kept records such as emails or copies of complaints you made to your HR, you should keep those in a safe place as they might be quite useful in winning your case.


Some employers are simply afraid to terminate their employees for fear of potential litigation.  Such employers will often push their employees to their limit in the hopes that they will resign.  Other employers will simply discharge the employee under the belief that the employee is an at-will employee and can therefore be fired at any time.  While the latter is generally true, there are several caveats that can come into play.  Even at-will employees cannot be terminated if the basis of the termination is illegal or unlawful.


Various protections are given to employees which are intended to help avoid unlawful hiring and firing in the workplace.  Our wrongful termination attorney in Huntington Beach has extensive experience representing employees who have been terminated.  You should know that you only have one year from the date of your discharge to file a case against your employer. 


Prior to filing a case, we work directly with our clients to ensure that they are comfortable and up to speed regarding the process.  We will help you sift through the facts of your case in order to determine your potential options for recourse.  If you have former co-workers who can attest to certain specific instances which occurred while you were employed, it will be helpful to remain in touch with these individuals as they might be asked to testify on your behalf.


The Law Office of Cyrus Mor is a premier employment firm and we stay at the forefront of employment and labor law in California.  Our goal is to provide legal services which cannot be matched as we treat each one of our clients as family.  We care about our reputation and do not waste the time of our clients. If we feel as though your facts are not sufficient to establish a case for wrongful termination, we will simply tell you so rather than leading you on.


The best way to proceed is to contact our office to speak with our employment lawyer about your case.  You will receive feedback that is helpful and you will be presented with a roadmap and case outlook moving forward.



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