Long Beach Wrongful Termination

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor represents employees who have been unlawfully terminated by their employers. Our Long Beach wrongful termination lawyer provides each of our clients with a free consultation so we can better assess the facts of your case.


Each of our wrongful termination clients pay zero legal fees. We take our cases on a contingency basis which means that we do not collect any fees from you unless we win your case.


In employment law, when dealing with terminations specifically, there are numerous reasons for discharging an employee which are deemed unlawful by both state and federal laws. Common examples of scenarios for wrongful termination or discharge include but are not limited to, termination based on discrimination of gender, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or pregnancy. Additionally, employers who retaliate against their employees for filing or making complaints against the employer may also be held liable in the event that a wrongful termination suit is filed by the former employee.


At the Law office of Cyrus Mor, our Long Beach wrongful termination attorney understands the difficulties employees face when their employment is suddenly ended. Being fired is often times not foreseeable and in many instances can be quite shocking. Moreover, employers sometimes discharge employees without providing any indication whatsoever to the employee throughout the course of the employment relationship, that the employee has done something wrong.


If you have received performance appraisals, salary increases, or positive reviews for your work, these instruments can help illustrate that the termination was not due to performance or alleged mistakes, but might have actually occurred due to some other unlawful reason. The separation being unlawful is paramount to the potential success of claim against an employer in an unlawful termination case.


Our firm provides each client with detailed and comprehensive representation for employment law and employment litigation cases. At the start of each case, our experienced termination lawyer in Long Beach will work directly with you to attain the facts surrounding your employment relationship. We will then formulate a strategic plan to help you receive the results you desire with your case.


The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides all of our clients with personalized representation. Our clients come from a variety of background and industries, from small corporations to large businesses, we help employees and employers understand the complexities associated with separation at the workplace. Ending employment is usually not a comfortable situation for both employers and employees. Nonetheless, the law has established certain guidelines regarding work separation when dealing with terminations which must be followed, or the injured party may be entitled to compensation.


If you aren’t sure whether you require the services of an employment lawyer, simply contact our firm to speak with someone who will offer you guidance and direction for your potential claim. Time can become a factor in certain employment disputes situation, so don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to contact a termination attorney in Long Beach, California.


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