Newport Beach Wrongful Termination

If you were terminated by your employer, you are likely and understandably frustrated by the going through the experience.  You are also probably wondering if you have a case to sue your employer for wrongful termination.  Our Newport Beach, California wrongful termination attorney provides comprehensive feedback to each potential client with regards to whether we believe facts exist to pursue a claim.


The most common misconception about wrongful termination is that the employers need to provide employees with a reason for their termination.  Many also assume that this reason must be reduced to writing and provided to the employees at the time of discharge.  However, if you didn’t sign an employment contract with your former employer, you are considered an at-will employee.  Most employers have you sign an at-will acknowledgement waiver when you begin employment.  So what does this mean?  It means that your employer can lawfully terminate your employment with the company at any time.  Not only that, but they don’t need to even provide you with a reason for doing so.


Wrongful Termination does not exist without a violation of the law.  A good way to think of it is by taking the phrase “unlawful termination” literally.  If the termination breaches any state or federal laws, it will be considered “wrongful” and will therefore give rise to potential recourse for the employee. 


There are a large number of employment and labor laws currently in place, both on state and federal levels, which provide protection to employees in the workplace.  For example, a few broad protected areas are terminations based on various forms of discrimination and retaliatory practices of employers.  There are also a large number of public policy considerations which are designed to protect employees from wrongful termination. 


At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our wrongful termination lawyer located in Newport Beach can help you recover compensation from your former employer, if they have in fact violated the law.  In the vent that we retain you as a client you pay us zero fees until we win your case either from a settlement or at trial.  We are extremely selective in the clients we take in that we look for good facts with merit that are supported by the law.  In other words, we do not simply take a case just for the business.  We do this out of respect for our clients and respect four our industry as a whole. 


Our attorney was born and raised in Newport Beach and we make it our absolute mission to serve our local community as best as possible.  This means treating our clients with the utmost respect and compassion while they are going through difficult times.  We keep our clients well informed on the status of their cases and we work with them directly so they feel comfortable with the process.


We know being terminated was brutal but the good news is that if your employer did in fact violate the law; you could potentially be entitled to fair and just compensation. Feel free to contact our Newport Beach office at any time to ask us additional questions or to learn more about our services.  Remember, you don’t need to worry about legal fees as we only retain wrongful termination clients on a contingency basis.


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