Oakland Unemployment Appeals

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides unemployment appeal representation by our experienced Oakland, California unemployment attorney. If you have been denied unemployment insurance benefits, you can file an appeal to challenge your denial.


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Once you are denied the right to receive your benefits, you can contest your decision by filing an appeal.  All California unemployment appeals are handled by the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB).


The CUIAB is a neutral and independent state agency assigned with the task of reviewing unemployment insurance decisions. At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our Oakland unemployment lawyer has extensive experience assisting people with the intricacies of the appeals process.


When you first contact our firm, you will be provided with the opportunity to speak with us about your case at no charge. This will allow us to grasp the details of your employment relationship and the reasons your employment came to an end (this is essentially the most important consideration of unemployment appeals. Once we attain a full understanding of the facts of your case, you will be provided with feedback about your case’s strengths and weaknesses.


Obviously since you are seeking unemployment benefits, we understand that you may not have the ability to spend hundreds of dollars on representation for your hearing. This is why we present each client with a few different cost-effective options in terms of the legal services that we provide. Our unemployment lawyer in Oakland offers appeal services that are widespread ranging from basic consultation and advice sessions to complete comprehensive in person representation at your hearing.


You should know that if you were denied benefits based on California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 1256 (this is the most common basis for denials), your employer will likely be at your hearing along with a representative. Your employer will be able to introduce any documents into evidence as well as present testimony from witnesses such as your former supervisor or co-workers. It will be in the judge’s discretion to determine which and what testimony to allow based on its relevance to your case.


Regardless of whether you have a representative, you will be forced to answer both the judge’s as well as your most recent employer’s questions. Our unemployment attorney in Oakland goes the extra mile in terms of making sure that you are completely prepared for what to expect and what to say at your hearing. People often have a difficult time understating what is important and not import to say regarding their most recent employment.


We suggest that you not make the mistake about speculating about your facts and potential appeal. Instead, simply call us and ask questions about your case so that we can provide you with honest and helpful feedback.




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