Orange County Overtime

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides legal services by an experienced Orange County overtime attorney.  Our office provides assistance and representation with regards to the recovery of overtime wages from employers.


Employers are required under California labor laws to properly compensate all employees for all hours and time that is worked.  There are numerous scenarios which typically lead to the improper distribution of wages for work performed.  A common example occurs when employers allow the employee to work after their shift has ended and they are off the clock, thinking that the extra time worked does not need to be compensated. However, even if an employee is off the clock, he or she will still be entitled to wages to any time spent performing services for the employer.


Generally, any work which exceeds eight hours in an individual day or forty hours in a single work week will be considered overtime wages.  Probably the most crucial element to the recovery of unpaid wages for overtime is the need for detailed record keeping of time sheets and the hours worked.  Especially in cases where the employee has already clocked out indicating and end to that specific work day, the employee will need to keep diligent records of their hours in time sheets so that the actual hours worked can be traced.


Our overtime lawyer at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor in Orange County provides assistance to employees in wage claim disputes and hearings before the labor board.  Diligent time keeping and written evidence of hours that were worked but not compensated for will increase the likelihood of recovering the unpaid wages from the employer.  Without the ability to produce and introduce evidence of the hours in question, the recovery of the wages might be difficult.


In some cases, employers make the mistake of improperly compensating not just a single employee but to several or all of the employees on staff.  When this occurs and there is evidence of time sheets and verifiable hours worked, the various employees’ overtime claims can be grouped together as a class action.


In order to avoid the existence of overtime claims for unpaid wages, employers need to utilize procedural safeguards to ensure that employees are paid for all hours worked.  Some employers, typically the larger corporations, will go so far as making sure that at the end of each workday every employee clocks out and leaves the premises by a specific time.  Employees will be expected to comply with these rules but when hours are accrued outside of a typical work schedule the employers will sometimes try to allege that the overtime was unauthorized.


Our firm is devoted to providing cost-effective and affordable representation on a contingency basis.  We understand that you are fighting for wages that you were lawfully entitled to and spending your money on legal fees would present a significant burden.  Contact our firm and we will walk you through the various aspects of our overtime recovery service.  Feel free to ask us questions so we can provide you with responses about your potential wage claim.


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