Orange County Unemployment Appeal

Our firm’s Orange County unemployment attorney represents former employees who were (1) discharged or terminated by their most recent employers, and (2) have been denied unemployment insurance and wish to challenge (appeal) their decision.


When you file an appeal to contest your benefits denial, your case will be automatically forwarded to a different state agency called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB).  The CUIAB governs the appeals process and allows unemployment appeal claimants to appear at a hearing before an administrative law judge.  In Orange County, the CUIAB conducts it's hearings at the main office located in La Palma and the offsite facility located in Santa Ana.


About a month after submitting your appeal form, the CUIAB will send you a Notice of Hearing which will indicate the date, time, location, and issues which will be considered at your hearing.  Your Notice of Hearing will also indicate the judge that you have been assigned as well as whether your former employer will also be attending the hearing.


We have extensive experience representing former employees at appeal hearings at both the La Palma office as well as the Santa Ana office.  Our Orange County unemployment lawyer has appeared before nearly every unemployment appeal judge in Orange County.  This makes it very helpful as we know what to expect from each individual appearance that we take on. 


Unfortunately, not everyone has good facts for an appeal and we therefore screen each one of our callers for what we believe are good facts for an appeal.  We simply do not take on clients if we don’t like their facts.  It’s a brutal system but it allows us to keep our clients as happy as possible because we provide them with realistic expectations and goals. 


When you call for your free phone consultation from our unemployment attorney in Orange County, California you will see for yourself that you won’t be misled whatsoever if we don’t think your facts are appropriate for an appeal.  Our candor and honesty cannot be matched as we turn away potential business on a daily basis in order to preserve the integrity of our screening system.

If we do feel as though you have good facts for an unemployment appeal, we will provide you with feedback about how the process works and what you can expect from our representation. 


If you chose to move forward with our services, we will schedule you a time for your in-person hearing rehearsal.  The process begins with meeting with our unemployment lawyer in Orange County so that we can make sure you are well-prepared for your hearing.  Regardless of having us represent you, you will be expected to speak at the hearing no matter what.  The judge as well as your most recent employer will ask you questions about how and why your most recent job came to an end.  Thus, because you have to talk, you need to be well-prepared for the hearing process and how to keep your testimony organized and concise.  We will work with you directly on this matter until you are comfortable and feel prepared for your appeal hearing.


Again, don’t hesitate to contact us as each potential unemployment appeal client receives a free case evaluation.  You will receive honest and helpful feedback about your facts when you call.  Remember, keep track of any document you have from your most recent employment including but not limited to termination notices, prior warnings or reprimands, and performance reviews.    



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