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The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides employees with legal services by our aggressive Santa Ana, California wrongful termination attorney. If you have been or feel as though you will be terminated or discharged by your employer, you should contact our firm for a free case evaluation.


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Wrongful termination means that your discharge is in violation of either state and/or federal laws. There are numerous factual scenarios and situations which can amount to a termination being wrongful or unlawful.


Typically, most employees are considered at-will employees who can be terminated for any reason and at any time. Absent an employment contract which specifies an expected duration of employment, employers can terminate at-will employees whenever they chose. However, the termination cannot be in violation of any laws or it will be considered unlawful and you might be entitled to compensation for the breach.


At our firm, on a daily basis our Santa Ana wrongful termination lawyer speaks with employees who are terminated by their employers. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware that their specific facts are not sufficient to constitute wrongful termination.


Some common examples of terminations which are unlawful occur when employers discharge an employee due to their disability or as a result of the employee’s age, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Other examples of wrongful termination can include retaliatory measures taken by employers against employees who file complaints or testify in legal proceedings against the employer.


Unfortunately, most employees have a very difficult time considering their own facts and making objective determinations as to whether they were in fact wrongfully terminated. Instead, most people who have been recently terminated are so upset by the situation that they naturally feel wronged. They therefore naturally assume that it must have been unlawful action on the end of their employer.


The best way to proceed after being discharged is to first contact a termination attorney in Santa Ana in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your potential case. It is imperative to understand that the only way to attain relief and recourse against an employer’s actions is when the action is in violation of the law. Simply put, if there are no laws in place to protect the employee against the action, the termination will be considered unlawful regardless of how poorly the employee was treated.


Another common misconception is that being treated poorly or being yelled at by your supervisor means that you had a hostile work environment and therefore your termination must have been unlawful. Remember, it is not sufficient to simply be treated poorly by your employer. You will need to prove that you were being treated that way exclusively due to a protected class or scenario that is protected by public policy.


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