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The Law Office of Cyrus Mor represents employees who have faced harassment in the workplace. If you are an employee who has been harassed by your employer or a fellow co-worker, our employment lawyer can help you. We provide our clients aggressive legal services that produce results. We always offer each client a free consultation and case evaluation so we can examine the facts of your case and provide you with helpful feedback.


The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) provides employees with protection from harassment of various types such as gender, disability, pregnancy, age, race, and sexual harassment. Harassment can be both in the form of physical gestures and touching or it can be purely verbal. Employers are required to take certain and specific action in the event that they knew or should have known that the harassment was occurring in the workplace.


An employee or job applicant can file a claim for harassment with the FEHA within one year of the harassment. The FEHA will subsequently investigate the complaint and the employee’s accusations of harassment.


Sexual Harassment Attorney in Southern California

Sexual Harassment is one of the most complex issues in employment law. There are two main types of sexual harassment claims which are both frequently adjudicated:

  1. Quid-Pro-Quo Harassment- This type of harassment occurs when the employer requests a sexual act from an employee in exchange for something which is offered in return, such as a promotion.
  2. Hostile Work Environment Harassment- Hostile work environment typically comes in conjunction with quid-pro-quo, but is specific to the abusive behavior which often occurs when one is being verbally assaulted and harassed repeatedly.

Sexual harassment can occur in numerous contexts and can therefore be quite confusing. Employees can be harassed by someone from the same sex or opposite sex. Additionally, sexual harassment can occur between two employees or it can occur between an employee and a supervisor. Supervisors are acting agents of the company and can therefore subject the employer to liability based on their actions. Moreover, employers can be held liable for actions which occur in the workplace even if they don’t know about it.


There are numerous obligations employers must take in order to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Generally, under the FEHA, employers are required to take all reasonable steps to prevent both harassment and discrimination from occurring in the workplace.


If you feel as though a co-worker or your supervisor is or has been sexually harassing you, it’s imperative that you seek the immediate advice of a sexual harassment lawyer. At our firm we understand that this is an extremely difficult time for you and that you have been through a lot already. That’s why we make it easy by taking the case off of your plate. We offer comprehensive representation that produces results for our clients.


The Law Office of Cyrus Mor will provide you with a free consultation regarding your potential harassment case. You will speak to an attorney who will guide you through the legal process of harassment claims and provide you reliable advice about your case.





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