Costa Mesa Wrongful Termination

Costa Mesa, California residents who are terminated by their former employers can file suit for damages based on wrongful termination if either California of Federal law has been violated.  Our firm’s Costa Mesa wrongful termination attorney will provide you with high-end legal services at no cost!


That’s right; we don’t charge our clients any legal fees for wrongful termination cases.  How do we get paid?  We only take a modest fee from your overall recovery in the event that we win your case.  If we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid for our services.  That is the risk we are willing to take for our clients.  As such, we are careful in screening each potential clients new facts to determine whether their former employers have broken the law.


Simply put, you can’t sue your former employer if they haven’t violated any employment laws or any public policy considerations.  Most employees fall in the realm of being at-will employees who can be terminated at any time without recourse.  The underlying basis of your termination will need to be unlawful in order for you to receive relief and damages.


Considering the fact that you likely don’t know whether the basis of your termination was unlawful, we encourage you to contact our wrongful termination lawyer in Costa Mesa.  You will receive a thorough consultation where you can discuss the facts of your case with us and allow is the opportunity to determine whether or not good facts are present.


Employment law and more specifically wrongful termination can be challenging to figure out on your own.  Sometimes, employees aren’t provided any reason at all for their discharge and this often leads to questions about why the termination came about in the first place.  Many, who are provided a reason for their discharge, feel as though the reasons provided were not the honest and true reasons for why the separation occurred. 


Employers often attempt to conceal the true reason for a separation due to the fear of the employee filing a suit against them.  For example, if you were discharged because of your race, but were told that your performance was not up to par, the challenge will be proving that your termination was truly based on race.  In order to establish this proof, testimony will be necessary to help corroborate your position.  Any former co-workers who have personal knowledge regarding the facts of your termination can be called upon to testify on your behalf.


It is important to keep track of all your records and communication made between you and your former employer.  Documents such as email and complaints to HR should be saved and kept in a safe place.  You are also entitled to a complete copy of your employee personnel file which should include all the documents related to your employment.


The best to proceed is to contact our firm so you can speak directly with our experienced employment attorney so that you can get helpful feedback about your facts.  Everyone has a different story about how their employment ended and it is important for us to speak with you directly about you termination so weak can assess the strength and weaknesses of your potential case for wrongful discharge.





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