Chula Vista Unemployment Appeal

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides legal services by an experienced Chula Vista, California unemployment attorney. Our firm represents employees who are denied unemployment benefits and wish to contest their decisions by filing an appeal.


Unemployment Appeals Lawyer in Chula Vista


In order to challenge the decision to deny your benefits, you will need to file an unemployment appeal. This is done by filling out the appropriate paperwork and sending it to the address listed on your Notice of Determination.


Once the claimant’s request for an appeal is received, they forward the entire claim to a different state agency called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB).


Our Chula Vista unemployment lawyer has extensive experience providing representation in the unemployment appeals process. Our representation is thorough and comprehensive. We offer several different options to potential appeal clients depending on the individual clients’ needs and nature of their case. This allows us to present each new client will a few different cost-effective methods for recovering their benefits.


Each new client is provided with a one-on-one initial consultation where you will be able to speak with us about the facts of your case. Specifically, unemployment insurance appeals are typically concerned with your separation from your most recent employer. The facts leading up to the end of the employment relationship will be the primary concerns at your hearing.


The reasons for the end of the employment relationship are by far the most disputed issue in the  appeals process. At our firm, you will personally meet with our unemployment attorney in Chula Vista and will be given the opportunity to inform us as the reasons for why your employment has ended. We will then be able to provide you will honest and helpful feedback about your case.


San Diego County and more specifically, Chula Vista, is home to a large number of unemployed individuals. Many of these people will try to recover unemployment, but unfortunately not all of them have good facts for an appeal. Determining whether good facts exist to move forward with an appeal is a difficult task. We feel as though it’s certainly in every person’s best interest to speak with an experienced unemployment lawyer prior to filing an appeal.


The central most important concept to understand is that the process of unemployment insurance benefits appeals is designed and structured to provide you with an actual hearing before a judge. This is completely different than the phone eligibility interview you had. On appeal, you are given a date, time, and location for an actual hearing at a CUIAB appeals office. Your hearing will be conducted by an Administrative Law Judge.


The appeals hearings are neutral and provide both the former employer and employee with the opportunity to provide testimony regarding the separation. This testimony can come in the form of documentary evidence or testimonial evidence from witnesses.


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