Unpaid Wages

At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our labor lawyer represents employees who have not been properly compensated for their overtime pay, vacation pay, and meal/rest breaks.


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Unpaid Overtime Hours

The California labor code delineates specific requirements of employers to help ensure that employees are paid in full for all hours that they work. Generally, work which exceeds either 8 hours in a single day or 40 hours in a week will be considered overtime pay. Employers who fail to properly compensate employees for these hours can be held liable and thus be required to compensate the employee for the hours as well as penalties for the delay in payment.


Lunch and Rest Breaks

In addition to overtime pay, our overtime attorney also provides recourse for employees who do not receive proper lunch and rest breaks. Unfortunately employers often make the mistake of failing to provide lunch and/or rest periods to their employees which is required by California law. Generally, employees are entitled to a 30 minute uninterrupted lunch break where they are free to leave the premises. Employees are also generally entitled to two 10 minute rest breaks throughout the day. Employers who fail to provide adequate lunch and/or rest periods can be held liable and forced to compensate their employees for the breach.


Final Paychecks

The California labor code also sets specific requirements of employers in terms of providing employees all wages that are owed at the end of employment. At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our overtime lawyer represents clients who have not received proper wages at the end of their employment. Timely issuance of final paychecks is directly related to the reason for the end of the employment relationship. Generally speaking, California labor code sections 201-202 set forth the requirements for final paychecks. Wages are due on the day of termination or layoff, and within 72 hours if the employee decides to quit.


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We are often asked about the rule regarding commission pay which has not been received. Commission pay is treated differently than hourly wages and will depend upon when the commissions are earned. Typically, the terms surrounding commission pay is set in contract by the employer and many businesses have separate policies which identify how the commission pay is to be paid; this will often include issues like cancellations and delays.


In the event we retain you as a client to assist you in recovering any unpaid wages which are owed to you, we do not charge you a fee for our representation. Instead, we provide services on a contingency basis which means that we only collect modest fees from your recovery against your employer.


Our firm deals directly with employees from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds on a daily basis. We work extensively to assist employees in receiving all that they are entitled to recover under the law.


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