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Generally, it is unlawful for employers to retaliate against employees in the form of terminations, transfers, demotions, or pay cuts when the employer’s action occurs in response to lawful action taken by the employee against the employer. For example, it would be unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee because the employee complained about unlawful activity on the end of the employer. Moreover, employees are encouraged to complain and voice concerns about employer activity which violates employment and/or labor laws.


Retaliation against employees in Long Beach, California

Retaliation occurs when employers wrongfully terminate employees for taking part in a protected activity. A protected activity is an activity which the employee is entitled to perform according to state and federal laws. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), employees cannot be retaliated against or treated differently because they filed a complaint or testified in a legal proceeding against the employer.


The policy behind this law is to promote the ongoing fair and equal treatment of all employees in the workplace. Additionally, the employee will even be protected if they complain about employer activity which they incorrectly believe is unlawful. As long as the employee believed in good faith that the activity was unlawful, the employee will remain protected and cannot be retaliated against.

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Similarly, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are again prohibited from discriminating against or terminating an employee in retaliation for the employees’ lawful and protected behavior. Employees are legally entitled to file complaints against the employer and the employers cannot retaliate in response. According to Title VII, employers may not retaliate against their employees in the form of terminations or discrimination.


Employees are lawfully permitted to take certain actions and will be protected by federal and state statutes for the actions taken by their employers. The FEHA, FLSA, and Title VII are clear examples which illustrate that employees do have the good faith right to file complaints and testify in proceedings against their employers.


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Each case is unique in that everybody has different facts and a different story about what their employers said or did to them. Employment law and especially retaliation cases can be complex and confusing so we recommend calling our firm to ask questions. Our retaliation lawyer in Long Beach will speak with you about your case, asses the facts and details of your employment relationship, and provide you with honest and helpful feedback about your case.


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