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The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides legal services to employees in Long Beach, California. We have extensive experience representing employees who face a number of legal issues related to matters in the workplace.


Call our office today at (800) 683-5404 for a free consultation from our Long Beach employment lawyer. We will discuss the facts of your case with you and provide you with helpful feedback about what you should or should not expect from the legal system.


Typically our office represents employees who have been terminated or discharged by their employers. We understand that being terminated is not a comfortable situation and you likely have numerous questions about what you can get in terms of recourse.


Each set of facts is unique when it comes to how and why an employee’s job has ended. Generally, the reasons for the end of the employment relationship will determine whether the employee may be entitled to any recovery for violations of the law. Our Long Beach employment attorney can help you understand employment law and employment litigation in California.


Employees are afforded certain protections when it comes to how they are treated in the workplace. Numerous state and federal laws establish grounds for relief for employees when their rights have been violated or when they have been mistreated by their employers.

Some of the more common issues which affect employees with regards to employment law are matters concerning termination, discrimination, and retaliation. Many employees often have additional labor issues such as unpaid wages for overtime pay.


At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, we work endlessly to provide our clients with comprehensive employment law services. We work through each individual client’s set of facts in order to determine if any laws have been violated by their employers. Unfortunately, many find themselves in the context of being an at-will employee being discharged lawfully. This means that the employee can only achieve recourse against their employer when either state and/or federal laws have been violated.


Many employees find it difficult to understand employment law because what might seem unfair or unjust to a particular employee does not necessarily mean that any laws have been broken. Unfair practices by employers are quite common and many find themselves being mistreated leaving the employee feeling like they are in the midst of a hostile work environment. However, being treated poorly by itself does not give rise to recourse unless the poor treatment can be proven as being discriminatory or in violation of public policy.


Due to the complexity of the current laws in place, it is certainly advisable to seek advice from knowledgeable employment lawyers during the course of the employment relationship. Be sure to keep records of all correspondence between yourself and your employer to help maximize your chances of being able to establish a cause of action. Keep in mind that even when certain employer actions violate the law, in order to get relief for the violation, your attorney must be able to prove that this behavior was intended and did in fact take place.


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