Long Beach Unemployment Appeals

Our firm represents residents of Long Beach, California who are denied unemployment benefits. Our Long Beach unemployment appeals lawyer has extensive experience with denials of benefits and has a comprehensive approach to unemployment insurance appeals that has proven results.


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What is an unemployment appeal?

When you are denied benefits, the only way to change that decision is to file an appeal. You will be provided with an appeal form with your Notice of Determination (the letter that says your benefits are denied).


Each request for appeal is sent to a different state agency called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, also known as the CUIAB. They are a different independent state agency which is assigned with the task of reviewing unemployment decisions.


When the CUIAB receives your appeal request, they will send you a Notice of Hearing which will indicate the location, date, and time of your hearing. Our Long Beach unemployment attorney provides cutting-edge representation in the appeals process. Unemployment hearings are not like traditional court hearings. Rather, they are state agency hearings conduct by Administrative Law Judge’s.


What’s important to know about unemployment hearings?

By far the most important thing in approaching your unemployment hearing is to organize your facts and thoughts about how your separation occurred. Your hearing is not an opportunity for you to go on some massive monologue about how you feel wronged by your employer. It is not a time for you to list all the things that you dislike about your supervisor or how they have been “out to get you for a while”.


It is imperative to understand what is important and not important to discuss and say at your hearing. You will be asked to respond only to the question which you are being asked. Naturally, a lot of people find it difficult to summarize years of employment into concise intricate sentences. This often leads to poor testimony that tends to upset and agitate some Administrative Law Judge’s.


You should also know that each person’s potential success in the appeals process is different because it’s based specifically on their facts. That is, the way in which each individual’s employment ends is responsible for shaping that persons potential success in recovering their unemployment benefits.


Either way, at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, we make sure that each of our clients stays one step ahead of the system. Communication is central to our representation and you will work directly with our unemployment lawyer in Long Beach.


Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to contact us as you only have 30 days from the date listed on your Notice of Determination to send your appeal form in.


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