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The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides representation by an experienced Long Beach unemployment attorney for Employment Development Department (EDD) benefits denials.


If you have already been denied unemployment benefits or are unsure as to whether or not your claim will be approved, contact our firm today as time may be of the essence.


If you are a resident of Long Beach, your unemployment appeal hearing will likely take place at the Inglewood Office of Appeals located at 9800 La Cienega Boulevard, #901, Inglewood, CA 90301. However, some hearings are also scheduled as the offsite hearing facility which is located at 4300 Long Beach Blvd. #500, Long Beach, CA 90807. The location of your hearing will be listed on your Notice of Hearing (yellow document) which you will receive from the appeals office after filing your appeal with the EDD.


Denials based on California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 1256

One of the most common reasons for denials for unemployment benefits by the EDD are based on California Unemployment Code Section 1256. Under Section 1256, your claim for benefits will be denied if you either (1) voluntarily resigned without good cause or (2) were terminated or discharged for “misconduct” connected with your most recent work.


At your appeal hearing, the Administrative Law Judge will ask you questions about the facts surrounding your most recent employment relationship. For purposes of unemployment insurance benefits, the reasons leading up to the time of separation are crucial.


In a discharge or termination case, certain facts such as whether the employee received prior warnings or reprimands can greatly impact the outcome of a case. On the other hand, in a voluntary quit case, facts such as whether the employee made extensive complaints and exhausted all attempts to preserve the employment relationship are important.


Long Beach, California EDD Unemployment Lawyer


Our Long Beach unemployment lawyer provides our clients with detailed and comprehensive representation in the appeals process. We begin by offering guidance at the time of filing your appeal and we will remain in contact with you until your Notice of Hearing is received. Prior to your hearing, we will meet with you and prepare you for providing testimony at your hearing.


Regardless of whether or not you have representation at your hearing, you are expected to answer both the judge’s as well as your most recent employer’s questions at the hearing. As such, it is crucial for you to understand how to present your testimony in an organized and concise manner. Simply put, you are not able to provide a monologue of your facts and tell your entire story how you want to. Your testimony will only be received as responses to questions from which you are being asked by the judge and your employer.


You should contact our firm to receive additional information and guidance about your unemployment insurance benefits appeal. Unemployment law can be complex and cumbersome which is why we offer each one of our potential clients a free case evaluation so we can make sure you have appropriate facts for an appeal.


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