Anaheim Unemployment Appeal

Our Anaheim unemployment appeal lawyer at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides Orange County residents with effective representation with proven results for unemployment appeals. If you are a resident of Anaheim, California and you have been denied unemployment insurance benefits then you can file an appeal within 30 days.


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When you file an appeal, your entire claim is forwarded to a different independent state agency called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB).


The CUIAB conducts hearings on a daily basis, reviewing denials of benefits for both unemployment and disability insurance. CUIAB hearings for Anaheim residents take place either at the main office in La Palma or at the offsite facility in Santa Ana.


We highly recommend that you bring an experienced Anaheim unemployment lawyer with you to your hearing. The pamphlet you will receive from the CUIAB with your Notice of Hearing, explains that the system is designed for you to attend your hearing without the need of an attorney. However, what they don’t tell you in the pamphlet is that your most recent employer will likely have a representative or attorney with them at your hearing who will be permitted to ask you questions on behalf of the employer.


Employers are typically represented by several different services who handle their unemployment claims as well as their payroll.  Your employer’s representative will be noted on your Notice of Hearing—it will say your employers name followed by “c/o” and then the representative’s name. The “c/o” means “care of”, this means that they are being represented by and in the care of the specific representative noted on your Notice of Hearing.


Similarly, because your employer has representation it should be obvious to you that you should also have an attorney with you. At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our unemployment lawyer in Anaheim, California has recovered unemployment benefits for clients thoughtout multiple counties in Southern California.


How do we win our cases?

Our firm has achieved tremendous success and notoriety for our achievements in the unemployment appeals process. Our results are gained through detailed client intake coupled with extensive preparation of our client’s for their hearings. Regardless of whether you have a representative with you at your hearing, you are required to answer both he judge’s and your employer’s representative’s questions. There is no way around this. Thus, because you have to speak at your hearing no matter what, you should be properly prepared for the unique intricacies for the state agency hearing.


The process is much different than traditional court. Many people have been to family court, civil court, or perhaps even criminal court before and unfortunately this causes them to rely on preconceived notions about how their unemployment appeal hearing will transpire.


Rather than speculating about your hearing, simply call our firm and ask questions about how the process works and how our firm can be of assistance to you.


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