Human Resources Management

Our firm provides employers with comprehensive and cost-effective human resources consulting and guidance services.  Having a solid human resources department is imperative for the ongoing success of employers, from small businesses to large corporations; a strong human resources system can greatly reduce the risk and threat of litigation and employer liability.


Our human resources management services are widespread and depend on the need of your company. You might already have a strong system in place and only require our counseling and guidance for occasional issues that arise. Or, in the alternative, you might need more involvement from our firm to help set preventative measures in place to help protect your company.


The Law office of Cyrus Mor offers the following services related to human resources management and employee relations:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Policy Manuals and Workplace Procedures
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Reprimand Notices/Counseling Records
  • Employee Discipline
  • Separation Notices
  • Training for Supervisors, HR and Management Personnel
  • Preventative Advice and Risk Avoidance

Our firm’s primary focus is to make sure each company has a set system in place to help prevent future litigation and claims which can be brought by employees against your company. An effective human resources department has procedures in place which document important interactions between employers and employees. During the course the employee’s employment, as well as during the time of hiring and separation, each interaction you and your employee should be carefully documented by your company.


At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, we understand the importance of effective human resources management and can provide your company with continuous advice and insight regarding preventative procedures and risk avoidance.


It is also important that your supervisors and human resources employees are properly trained on how to speak and engage with other employees. We offer comprehensive training programs and workshops where we train human resources and management personnel on all aspects of risk avoidance and preventative action. This can greatly help reduce your company’s risk of legal problems associated with the way your company functions on a day to day basis.


We cannot stress enough the importance of preventative action and procedures. State and Federal laws provide employees relief when employers perform actions which are unlawful. Thus, in order to protect your company from a discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination lawsuit, you must have an organized system in place to prevent such suits from taking place.


Managing your own human resources department can be time consuming and complex. Our human resources management can alleviate that stress by working directly with management personnel and provide them with guidance and advice whenever issues arise.


If you are an employer and do not have a strong system of policies and procedures, you should contact our office today to speak with an experienced employment attorney. We can then provide you with a free consultation and evaluation of your current system and policies.


Whether you are in need of an employee handbook or want our firm to be more involved through ongoing counseling and guidance, the Law Office of Cyrus Mor can offer your company zealous representation with proven results.


Contact our firm today for more information regarding human resources management and employee relations.



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