Santa Ana Wage Claim

If you have a wage claim conference or hearing with the Labor Commissioner at the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) in Santa Ana, our wage claim lawyer can help you win your case and recover your unpaid wages.  If your current or former employer has failed to pay you wages which you have rightfully earned for overtime or vacation pay, you can file a wage claim to recover those wages.  You can also file a wage claim if you have not been provided with rest breaks and/or meal periods as defined by the California Labor Code. 


Most wage claim cases are time sensitive so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to begin your case. We provide each caller with a free case evaluation and consultation.


You may be reluctant to file a wage claim if you are still currently employed.  Many people tell us that they are afraid to recover their wages because they fear termination and retaliation by their employers.  However, when you file a wage claim, the law provides you with certain protections which prohibit employers form terminating their employees solely because they are pursuing a wage claim.


If you have either been terminated or threatened with termination because you have filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner's office, contact our office immediately for feedback from our Santa Ana wage claim attorney about your case.


First, when you file your wage claim you will almost always be scheduled for an informal wage claim conference.  Both you and your current or former employer will receive a Notice of Claim and Conference which will indicate the date, time, and location of the wage conference.  Your notice will specify all of the issues which are in dispute between you (the Plaintiff) and your current or former employer (Defendant). 


At any time prior to the conference, the case can be settled by either party.  Otherwise, the wage claim conference will proceed, whereby both sides will be given the opportunity to provide information to the Deputy Labor Commissioner.  The testimony will not be under oath as the conference is not a hearing. 


The purpose behind the conference is to provide the parties with one last opportunity to settle on the issues before a formal hearing is scheduled.  Consequently, a formal hearing will be scheduled if there is a failure to come to a mutual understanding.


Second, if there is no settlement at the conference, your case will be scheduled for a formal hearing where both the Plaintiff and Defendant will testify under oath.  Both parties are permitted to introduce documents into the record as well as provide witness testimony from current and former employees.  After the hearing concludes, the Deputy Labor Commissioner will render a decision and mail it out to both parties.  If a decision is rendered in your favor, your current or former employer will be ordered to pay you all wages which are owed.


All Santa Ana residents will likely have their wage claim conference or hearing take place at the Santa Ana Labor Commissioner's Office located at 650 West Santa Ana Blvd., Bldg. 28, Room 625, Santa Ana, California 92701.  


Don't wait too long to contact our office for help with your Santa Ana wage claim conference or hearing.  We can help you recover the wages that you deserve and that you have a right to recover under the California Labor Code.  You can speak directly with our wage claim lawyer in Santa Ana, California today for a free consultation.


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