Long Beach Discrimination Law

At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our Long Beach discrimination lawyer provides representation to employees who are victims of discrimination by their employers. If you have been or feel as though you are currently being discriminated against, contact our firm today for a free consultation and case evaluation.


There are numerous types of discrimination as delineated by both federal and state laws. Discrimination is a serious issue and employment laws provide certain protections to employees in the workplace who are subjected to discriminatory behavior.


Disability & Pregnancy Discrimination

Under several California and federal laws, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate on the basis of one’s disability. The discrimination can come in the many forms such as verbal or physical abuse, being demoted, taking salary cuts, or simply being treated differently than others on the basis of one’s disability.


The types of disabilities that are protected are also diverse such as pregnancy discrimination or physical/mental health disabilities. If you have a disability and feel as though you are being treated differently, contact an experienced discrimination attorney in Long Beach, California at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor.


Gender, Age, Race, Ethnicity, & Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Discrimination based on one’s gender, age, race, ethnicity/national origin, or sexual orientation is prohibited by both federal and state laws. It is unlawful to be treated differently by your employer based on any of the above criteria. It is important to keep records of communications which occur between you and your employer and/or co-workers during the course of your employment relationship.


Being the victim of discrimination is not easy and when your rights are violated, you will be entitled to compensation and damages for the beach. Such laws were created to ensure equal treatment of employees in the workplace. As such, when unequal treatment occurs, employers will be held liable for any unlawful actions or behaviors which transpired.


In any of the aforementioned contexts, wrongful termination can occur if you are discharged and it can be proven that the termination was based on discrimination. Keep in mind, at-will employees can be lawfully terminated for any reason. However, if the reason for the termination was due to discrimination, then even at-will employees will be entitled to compensation for the discrimination.


Our firm’s Long Beach discrimination attorney is experienced with dealing with employers and state and federal employment and workplace laws. Nonetheless, each case is factually different and will require its own personalized approach.


At the outset of your case, you will meet with us to strategize and discuss the facts of your case. We will then prepare a roadmap and method for illustrating the facts of your case in a clean and organized manner.


Discrimination cases are some of the most complex cases in employment law and comprehensive and detailed representation can be paramount to receiving just and proper compensation. Again, we understand that you may not be sure of whether or not you even have a good case for discrimination against your employer. Simply contact us to explain your facts, and our discrimination lawyer will provide you with helpful guidance and feedback about your case.


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