Pasadena Unemployment Appeal

Our Pasadena unemployment appeal attorney at the Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides representation in the CUIAB appeal process for employees who are denied unemployment insurance benefits.


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The Law Office of Cyrus Mor has extensive experience with the unemployment appeals process. Once you are denied benefits, you can file an appeal if you disagree with the decision. You have 30 days to file an appeal from the date listed on your Notice of Determination.  If 30 days have already passed, you can still file an appeal but you will need to show good cause for filing late at your hearing.


Unemployment appeals can be difficult to understand because many attorneys lack the experience dealing with this unique California agency. The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) is assigned with the difficult task of reviewing EDD decisions by allowing individuals to request a hearing to appear before an Administrative Law Judge.


Our firm’s Pasadena unemployment lawyer provides comforting comprehensive representation in this process. From the initial consultation to the point of the actual hearing, our representation is thorough. You will begin by speaking with us at no charge about your case. We will then discuss the strengths and weakness of your potential appeal and provide you with helpful feedback about your case. We will also provide you with several options in terms of the cost-effective representation that we provide.


Pasadena, California unemployment appeals should not be taken lightly and we strongly suggest that you speak with our unemployment attorney about your case. At your hearing, your employer will be present. You employer will likely have a representative with them who will be permitted to ask you questions on their behalf.


The questions they will be asking you are mostly regarding how your most recent employment ended. It is import that you attend your hearing prepared to testify in an organized manner. You will need to understand at the outset exactly what is important to say and not say during your hearing.


Having an experienced unemployment lawyer with you can make the difference in winning your unemployment appeal case. Unemployment hearings are not like actual or tradition court hearings. The process is different and you should find a firm who has proven results with this process. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to file your appeal and miss your 20 day deadline. Simply contact our office today and you will receive honest and helpful advice from us about your case.


In the event we retain you as a client, our services are cost-effective as we understand that you are in a difficult financial situation and the last thing we want to do is charge you excessive lawyer fees.


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