Los Angeles Unemployment Appeal

Our Los Angeles unemployment lawyer represents our clients at California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) hearings throughout the Los Angeles area.  Our services are affordable and cost-effective.  We understand that our clients are unemployed and do not have money to waste on attorney’s fees.


We provide representation for Los Angeles CUIAB hearings taking place at the following locations:

  • Inglewood Office of Appeals;
  • Los Angeles Office of Appeals;
  • Pasadena Office of Appeals;
  • West Covina Office of Appeals;
  • Chatsworth Office of Appeals;
  • Oxnard Office of Appeals;
  • Van Nuys Office of Appeals.

For hearings at locations which are not listed above, our Los Angeles unemployment appeal lawyer provides phone representation for our clients at an affordable rate.


Prior to your hearing, we will meet with you about your case, discuss your facts in detail, and prepare you for your hearing with the Administrative Law Judge.  Regardless of whether you have representation at your hearing, you will be required to answer the judge’s as well as your most recent employer’s questions.  You therefore should be well-prepared on the hearing process and what you need to say in order to maximize your chances of success.


Our firm utilizes a proven method that has reversed numerous denials of unemployment claims.  We take a detailed and focused approach to each appeal that we accept.  We screen each potential client’s facts at the outset of representation so that we can make sure you are an appropriate candidate for an unemployment appeal in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, not everyone has good facts for an appeal which is why we will discuss your case with you extensively prior to taking you on as a client.


It is important for you to keep track of any documents you have related to your most recent employment as the majority of unemployment appeals are based on your separation from your most recent employer.  The reasons for the end of your employment relationship will be the basis for questioning at your hearing.


We designed our representation to be affordable for each and every client.  There is no sense in wasting money on attorney’s fees when you just lost your job.  If you have already received your Notice of Determination, you have 30 days to submit the appeal form which is enclosed in the envelope with your notice.  It is crucial that you do not go into any details about your employment on the appeal form.  You simply want to request a hearing so that you can explain your case to a judge. 


Don’t be afraid to call and ask us questions about our unemployment appeal representation.  You can speak directly with our unemployment appeal attorney in Los Angeles about your case.  Also, don’t forget that you are only entitled to one appeal hearing so don’t make the mistake of trying to handle it on your own.  If you don’t succeed at your hearing, you will be stuck at the level 2 board appeal which does not get you a hearing like the first time around.


Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our services and the unemployment appeal process.


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