Orange County Human Resources Consulting

It is important for employers to maintain a workplace environment which is governed by specific rules, procedures, and guidelines. Ensuring that all employees understand and adhere to the policies of the employer is typically the obligation of the human resources department. 


The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides comprehensive and thorough human resources consulting services to employers in Orange County, California.  Our representation is ideal for small businesses with less than fifty employees who seek to maintain an effective and pro-active human resources department. 


Having an effective human resources department can be the difference from winning or losing a potential lawsuit from an employee in the future.


Employee relations and implementing procedures for preventative law are crucial to protecting the interests of employers.  We guide employers and human resources employees on how to properly educate their employees on the employer’s policies and procedures.  We produce, review, and formulate various provdeural safeguards for employers including but not limited to the following:

  • Written Reprimands and Counseling Records
  • Performance Reviews
  • Written Policy and Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks and Manuals
  • Separation Notices
  • Counseling Human Resources Employees
  • Unemployment Compensation Guidance and Representation

The above mentioned documents and practices are commonly used by employers of all sizes to maintain diligent record keeping and communications with employees at all times.  Each employer’s human resources department should she aware of how each of these devices should be used on a regular basis.  For example, ensuring that employees sign proper acknowledgement waivers indicating that they understand the policies and rules of the employer can be a great way for employers to protect themselves.


Most importantly, each employer’s human resources representative must understand how to properly address and respond to employee complaints and requests.  There are a number of issues that arise in the workplace between employees and employers and the bottom line is that the employers must absolutely understand what would be considered unlawful vs. lawful action in various scenarios.  Take for example an employee who recently incurs a disability.  The employer has an obligation to provide reasonable accommodation to that employee and cannot separate from the employee on the basis of their newly found disability.   


Our firm’s HR consulting services are cost-effective and efficient.  We help employers with the daily dilemmas they face when it comes to employee relations and general communication with employees.  Some employers simply hire us to produce documents for them such as an employee handbook while others prefer to have the security of keeping us on retainer for occasional counseling and guidance. 


Whatever your company’s need may be, the Law Office of Cyrus Mor can accommodate and tailor to your specific requests.  Simply put, it is imperative to know what constitutes wrongful termination or retaliation prior to taking action or separating from an employee.  A well informed HR department can make the difference. 


Protection from frivolous lawsuits or from taking action which would cause your company liability is an absolute must if the goal is to advance your business and productivity. 


Feel free to contact our office for a free consultation so you can learn more about our services and how we can be help your company with our human resources consulting service in Orange County.






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