Ontario Unemployment Appeals

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor represents Ontario, California employees at California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) hearings.  If you have been denied unemployment, you can challenge your decision by requesting an appeal within 30 days of the date listed on your Notice of Determination.


Our office offers a structured and affordable process for unemployment appeal hearings for Ontario residents. Being terminated and then denied you unemployment is no doubt a frustrating experience to go though which is why we make it easy at our firm. 


First, if you have just recently been denied unemployment you should contact our firm as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.  You will speak directly with our attorney about the facts of your case and thus you will be provided with immediate feedback about your appeal. 


Unemployment insurance appeal hearings can be quite tricky as your former employer will have an opportunity to present facts and evidence regarding your separation.  You will need to be prepared to testify in an organized and concise manner. 


Our Ontario unemployment appeal attorney will help you prepare for you hearing so you are calm, cool, and collected on hearing day.  We will then attend the hearing with you to ensure that you present all the facts necessary to maximize your chances of succeeding. 


One of the biggest mistakes we see is that people attend the hearing by themselves, then contact our firm afterwards for a level-2 board appeal because they were denied by the Administrative Law Judge.   Please do not make this mistake.  If you are serious about recovering your unemployment benefits, the absolute best place to make that happen is the appeal hearing if you are properly prepared.


We understand that life may be difficult for you at this time, but we are here to make that better.  When you find yourself out of a job and then denied unemployment its simply shocking but we are highly experienced any knowledgeable when it comes to unemployment appeals in Ontario. 


You will need to submit your appeal form within the 30 day deadline so make sure you seek our advice on how you should properly fill out the form.  Once you submit your appeal form you will need to wait several weeks before you will be assigned a hearing date.  The CUIAB will eventually send you a Notice of Hearing which will tell you what appeals office you are assigned to as well as the date and time of your hearing.


Many employers have representation with regards to their unemployment appeal cases which is why it is imperative that you at least seek the advice of an experienced unemployment appeal lawyer in Ontario.  Unemployment benefits can be tremendously helpful in ensuring your temporary economic safety and security.  This is why we promise to fight to recover you benefits to get you what you deserve under unemployment law.


We pledge to serve Ontario residents to the best of our ability by doing all we can to recover unemployment insurance benefits for those who are unjustly denied.  At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor we care about you so call us today for your free consultation.


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