Irvine Wrongful Termination

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor provides legal services by our experienced Irvine wrongful termination attorney. We represent employees who are terminated unlawfully be their employers.


Contact our office today for a free case evaluation. If we retain you as a client, you pay us no legal fees until we win your case.


Each case we take for wrongful termination in Irvine, California is done on a contingency basis which means that there are no out of pocket expenses that you will need to pay. Instead, we pay all the costs that are associated with your case and we only collect a reasonable fee in the event that we win your case.


A termination or discharge will not be considered wrongful termination unless you can prove that it violates either federal and/or state laws. There are numerous laws which protect employees in the workplace. Our Irvine wrongful termination lawyer has extensive experience analyzing these laws and their effects on the ability to establish a cause of action against one’s employer.


Employees are afforded many different protections when it comes to employment law. One the most common of these protections are the laws which govern against discrimination. If it can be proven that you were terminated based on a form of discrimination then you may be entitled to compensation for this unlawful treatment.


There are different types of discriminatory behaviors which are considered unlawful and therefore can give rise to a violation in the workplace. For example, terminating an employee as a result of discrimination due to their age, ethnic background, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation is considered wrongful under both state and federal law. Additionally, discrimination based on one’s actual or perceived disability also generally violates numerous employment laws on both the state and federal level.


At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, our unlawful termination attorney in Irvine has extensive experience representing those who are treated unfairly and ultimately wrongfully discharged by their employers. Our representation is comprehensive and cost-effective and we work directly with our clients helping them understand the legal system.


Wrongful termination is tricky and many employees find themselves in the situation of being simply an at-will employee who is lawfully terminated. Absent an employment contract specifying duration of employment, an employee can be terminated at any time as long as the reason for the termination doesn’t violate the law. Remember, there are specific contexts which protect employees and simply being treat unfairly or poorly by your employer will not alone be sufficient to establish a cause of action.


You should speak with a wrongful termination attorney in Irvine as soon as you are discharged by your employer. Time is of the essence as you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim for relief.


Our firm will speak with you at our initial consultation about your case. We will assess your facts and give you feedback about how we might be able to help you win your case. We want you to get the help you deserve which is why we work around the clock to make sure our clients are well informed and up to date on the status of their case.


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