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At the Law office of Cyrus Mor, we represent employees who are victims of wrongful termination and unlawful discharge. State and Federal laws provide certain protections to employees who have been discharged or terminated unlawfully. If you have been terminated unlawfully, you may be entitled to compensation and damages as the result of your termination. Our firm provides every client with a free consultation with an experienced employment termination lawyer.


Wrongful termination can arise in a variety of scenarios and contexts, but it is important to seek the advice of an experienced employment law attorney as soon as you have been terminated by your employer. Termination is considered unlawful if the employer has violated either State or Federal law. For example, such violations can occur when termination is based on retaliation, discrimination, harassment, or some other illegal purpose or violation of public policy.


Employers often attempt to conceal the true reason for the employee’s termination, such as telling the employee that they are being terminated for “poor performance”. However, if the actual reason for the employee's termination violates Federal or State law, and it can be proven that this was the actual reason for the discharge, the employee may have a good case against the employer.


Attorney for Wrongful Termination in Southern California


Our firm offers employees who have been wrongfully terminated aggressive representation when laws have been breached. Many clients are unsure of whether they have a good case for wrongful termination because they did not sign an employment contract or have been deemed an “at-will” employee.


A common misconception is that “at-will” employees can be terminated for any reason. However, if the actual reason for the termination violates a law or public policy, the termination is considered unlawful regardless of whether an employment contract exists. Similarly, if an employee is laid-off for “performance” but another actual reason exists, and this reason violates public policy, the employee may be entitled to compensation.


In the event that an employer has violated State or Federal law regarding wrongful termination, and fails to provide compensation to employee for an unlawful termination, our firm aggressively litigates cases to ensure that our clients are properly compensated. Being the victim of unlawful treatment by an employer is a matter which requires immediate action to ensure the best possible results for the employee.


Every case we take on behalf of an employee who has been wrongfully terminated is charged on a contingency basis. This means that you pay zero out of pocket expenses unless we win your case. Moreover, all of our clients receive free case evaluations at the outset of communication with our firm.


Every consultation is considered a privileged communication and is strictly confidential. During our case evaluations, we will listen to the facts of each client’s case, evaluate those facts, consider their potential strengths and weaknesses, and provide clients with reliable feedback about their case.


Contact our firm today to speak with an experienced employment attorney who can provide you helpful insight and guidance for your wrongful termination case.



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